Who are we? 

The Friends of Ellicott was originally started a few years ago as an informal small volunteer group of  Park users/dog walkers, who wanted to see the Park better utilized and improved upon.  In 2013, we formed a “not for profit”, allowing the Friends of Ellicott, Inc to have a status to better interact with Erie County, NY the owner of Ellicott Island Park.  The main goal of the Friends of Ellicott, Inc was to work with Erie County Park officials to provide for an environmentally sensitive off leash dog park.  With the support of many, an agreement between the Friends of Ellicott and Erie County has been attained, effective Jan 1, 2014, the Ellicott Island Bark Park is an official off-leash dog park. The By-Laws of the Friends of Ellicott organization can be downloaded at the following link: By-Laws.



What we’ve done and hope to do

The “circle” garden near the rest rooms (long forgotten), last time it saw some care was for the World University Games, “friends” completely replanted the garden with plants from our members’ homes.  The “tree farm” was created the following year to provide a source of transplants to keep the park well treed.  If you look along the banks near the “castle” and other areas, you can see the first transplants from the tree farm talking hold.  Next to the tree farm is our naturalized flower/butterfly sanctuary, which will soon begin, re-blooming this spring and every year after.  (Click to see pictures from the projects)


Our volunteers provide water bowls and fresh water.  Volunteers rotate the garbage totes for collection.  Tree planting, gardens, invasive plant removal, bird houses, the Friends of Ellicott Bulletin Board and the informational kiosk were all made possible through the efforts of park volunteers.



Please become a Member of our organization. Membership is just $20 per year. This helps support our many projects. We also spend nearly $2000 per year for liability insurance as required by Erie County.

Please send a $20 check payable to Friends of Ellicott and mail to: Friends of Ellicott, 2870 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217.   Alternatively you can join during any fundraising opportunity. 

We welcome new members with open arms and dog kisses!

Also remember that when you shop Amazon.com please log into Smile.Amazon.com and designate Friends of Ellicott as your preferred Charity. They donate to us quarterly a portion of all purchases. Every little bit helps!

Watch the park bulletin board and this website for updates and special announcements. We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events.  Please subscribe to Friends of Ellicott online and share the information.

We are currently in need of volunteers to help with waste removal.  We are look for people who can remove the garbage totes on Sunday nights to the parking lot in order to be emptied on Monday.  

During the year we will be holding several fundraising events, such as the "Coffee Hound" Days.  These funds are used to support the Friends of Ellicott, Inc in their agreement with Erie County for the Bark Park.  You can also support the group with a $20 yearly membership to the Friends of Ellicott. 

We have an ongoing fundraiser with Amazon.Com!  A percentage of every purchase you make on Amazon will be donated to Friends of Ellicott.  Simply go to  www.friendsofellicott.org/amazon/  This will direct the donation to our group.  

Another easy way you can support Ellicott Creek Bark Park is by dropping your empty beverage containers at any of the three Bottle Junction locations and tell them to credit the Friends of Ellicott, not-for- profit.  The Friends of Ellicott recently entered an agreement with Bottle Junction to accept deposit redemptions on your returned beverage containers.  So do some Spring cleaning, rid yourself of those empty bottles and cans and support the Bark Park at the same time.

Bottle Junction locations-open M-F 10-5  Sat 9-4

3050 Niagara Falls Blvd  N Tonawanda 694-1129

1942 Colvin Blvd at Brighton Tonawanda 834-1111

2447 Grand Island Blvd Grand Island 774-1200

Most important, all who use the park must respect the environmentally sensitive nature of the island in the Tonawanda Creek watershed.  Always clean up after your pet.  Stormwater runoff can wash bacteria from pet waste directly into the creek.  Bacteria, parasites and viruses contained in pet waste are a health risk to other animals and people.  Familiarize yourself with the rules of the park.  When you use the Ellicott Island Bark Park you agree to follow these posted rules.  Owners must be responsible for their dog(s).