Summer 2014 Update

January 1st, the Ellicott Island Bark Park became an official off-leash dog recreation area.  The Friends of Ellicott, Inc entered an agreement with Erie County for responsible stewardship of the Bark Park. This means we must work together to keep the park clean and safe. The new Welcome to the Bark Park sign, the rules of the park and the gateway have all been installed.  We could not have reached this point without the volunteer efforts and financial support of the folks who enjoy the park and Erie County Parks.  

The logo contest voting concluded April 30th, Friends of Ellicott now has a logo.  The first logo items for sale for you to enjoy and show your support is a travel mug sponsored by Camp Bow Wow.

The Spring Scoop the Poop and cleanUP scheduled on Saturday morning, April 26th, accomplished quite a bit despite the rains.  We want to thank our volunteers from Pet Supplies Plus for coming over to the Bark Park and helping rake up some of winter's remains.  

There is a concern about the damage to the turf and erosion issues on the island.  The point area is closed due to the extensive damage and erosion.  We ask your cooperation in avoiding this environmentally sensitive area for the indefinite future.  The Friends of Ellicott is attempting turf restoration efforts in a rotating fashion to avoid ground cover destruction and the negative impacts this creates.  

Also, coming this Summer season, will be the installation of a new garden area, a Tribute to our Best Friend.  One of our founding members, Diane (Kalleagh) formulated this great idea, and our friends from Menne Nursery, Gary and Kathy, are bringing the idea to reality. This is an impressive project, now completed and ready to celebrate, Sunday, August 31st at 1PM. 

If you like to shop online and want to support the Bark Park at the same time,  check this out, it is as easy as shopping on Amazon, but going through the Friends of Ellicott website and utilizing the Amazon link.  If you purchase anything from for either your dog,  or yourself consider going to this site first.  By either selecting one of our recommend products or clicking the Amazon logo and purchasing anything through Amazon, as you would normally, the Friends of Ellicott receives a referral commission from Amazon.  This allows you to support the Friends of Ellicott without adding costs to your purchase. We hope to add additional online stores in the future.  

Thanks for keeping up to date with news from the Friends of Ellicott, Inc.


Andrew WittComment